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    Marshall Rogers was an American comics artist, best known for his short but highly referenced work on Detective Comics #471-476.

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    Marshall Rogers (1950-2007) is not a widely known comic artist, but his art combined with the writing of Steve Englehart was substantial in the development of the Batman character. Rogers's stylized take on Detective Comics in the 1970s used his architectural studies and graphic design skills to construct pages that popped out at the reader. His figure work wasn't the typical mass of bulging muscles, but lean and elegant. Batman's cape was long and floated artistically across the page, an influence that would be later employed by future artists, including Todd McFarlane. It is also said that this short-lived run on Detective Comics inspired the Batman Animated Series (1990s) and the 1989 Batman movie.

    Other popular works by Marshall Rogers include Batman Family (1977), Mister Miracle (1977-1978), Doctor Strange (1981-1982), sporadic issues of GI Joe, and Silver Surfer (1987-1989). 

    Marshall Rogers passed away from a heart attack in 2005. He had just finished the Batman - Dark Detective limited series that year. This last series was a collaboration with Steve Englehart, the writer he worked with on the infamous 1970s Detective Comics run. 

     Cap'n Quick & A Foozle #1-2 (1984-1985), writer/pencils/inks were all done by Marshall. This was his one title that he did from start to finish, direct from the mind of Marshall. He would always ask his die hard fans at the conventions, "Was the Cap'n male or female.?" 

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