Marshal 13

    Character » Marshal 13 appears in 1 issues.

    The last active Marshal of the thirteen territories, given orders to retrieve all other 13 chambered pistols.

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    Back Story

    Prior to becoming the thirteenth and last of the mysterious Marshals he was given direct orders by the president to create a special set of revolvers. Each revolver was augmented to have thirteen chambers rather than the normal six for a revolver. Along with the added ability for more bullets each gun was given the ability to only be used by its given Marshal. With a secret sequence of certain grips and trigger squeezes each gun can only be fired by their Marshals and no one else. If the gun is fired by someone other than their owner it backfires through the handle towards the shooter. 
    Marshal 13 designed the guns exactly for this, so that these powerful weapons wouldnt wind up in the wrong hands. 

    The Story of 13 Chambers

    After the assassination of Abraham Lincoln as Andrew Johnson was being instated as president of the united states one of his first works as President was giving the orders to retrieve and seal all the 13 chambered weapons that his predecessor had created and spread around the United States. Many thought this was not smart or needed but Andrew ordered it to happen. After the letters were sent to all 12 Marshals the last letter was made personally by the president and delivered by his VP directly to the 13th Marshal who had designed an created the weapons. The letter ordered the marshal to retrieve all the weapons from their owners, If he does this afterwards he will be given a pension and a job at his request and compensated for the rest of his life.At first he was outraged that something that kept the peace for so long would so quickly under a new president be taken down.   
     Reluctantly the 13th Marshal did as he was ordered and began his journey to retrieve his companions weapons.

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