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Little is known about Marschall Saber's origins. Living in New York City, he was employed by the crime boss Liebowitz as an assassin. At some point he met and formed a romantic relationship with fellow assassin Henry Cannon, who worked for a rival crime boss.


Saber was created by Marv Wolfman, Keith Pollard and Romeo Tanghal. He first appeared in Vigilante #5.

Major Story Arcs


Saber and Cannon form an alliance with the New York District Attorney Marcia King. They assassinate each others' bosses to create a vacuum of power into which King will step. In exchange, she ensures that when the pair are arrested they are quickly released, and further recommends them for the Witness Protection Program. This brings them to the attention of Vigilante, who confronts the pair. They fight, and Saber and Cannon emerge victorious. They are prevented from killing Vigilante by the intervention of the Electrocutioner, who nearly kills both of them. They are placed into a hospital to recuperate, and escape from there soon after. Later, they are hired to kill Vigilante, but fail to do so when Saber is wounded. Cannon decides to flee rather than risk his partner's health. Later still they fight Vigilante again, and he manages to manipulate Saber into wounding, perhaps even killing, Cannon. Saber himself is similarly wounded; however, both men survive.

Powers and Abilities

Saber has no known superhuman powers or abilities. However, he is a gifted marksman who is skilled with all manner of firearms. He also possesses some capacity for unarmed fighting.


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