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Maroc was a Yeoman from Devon who had traveled to far off lands as a soldier in the crusades, one day his superior, a corrupt man only interested in plunder and bloodshed moved to execute some prisoners he had sworn to treat fairly, this was the last straw for Maroc, and he saved the boy and went rogue.

Whilst on the run from his former comrades Maroc and the young boy he had saved came upon a strange old man. The old man said he had been waiting many years for someone worthy to come along, he felt Maroc was such a man so he gave him a metal armlet he called "The Hand of Zar"

Eventually Maroc's pursuers caught up with him in the early hours of the morning, and tied him to two stone pillars, as he was about to be executed the sun rose and the armlet that had been given him started to vibrate, he felt a power surge inside him and easily broke free.

After a short time, Richard the Lionheart himself appeared. The corrupt Knight accused Maroc of being a traitor, and Maroc was sentenced to death, however after later being saved by Maroc, Richard became unsure of the word of his knight and decided to banish Maroc instead of execute him.

Maroc decided to wander the lands righting wrongs and bringing evil doers to justice.


Maroc first appeared in the October 3rd issue of Lion in 1964.


When light is shining on the Hand of Zar, it gives Maroc incredible strength, making him powerful enough to throw huge boulders through the air and punch through inches of metal with ease.

When light doesn't shine on the Hand of Zar (such as on a very cloudy day) it loses all benefits and becomes a useless lump of metal, luckily Maroc is an experienced fighter in his own right and as such can take on most men in a fair fight even without the Hand's influence.

Heating the Hand of Zar by fire can also temporarily power it for short periods.


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