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    Marlo Chandler-Jones is the wife of Rick Jones and former lover to both the Hulk and Moondragon. Due to her relationship with Rick, she has often found herself in several superhero adventures and cosmic conflicts.

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    Marlo was as an aerobics and swimming instructor who had bad luck with men. Marlo first met the Hulk while he was working as a mob enforcer in the city of Las Vegas after being set up on a date with him. The two became romantically involved despite the Hulk's almost disinterest in Marlo.


    Marlo Chandler was created by Peter David and first appeared in The Incredible Hulk #347.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Meeting the Hulk

    Marlo appeared some time later and falls in love with Rick Jones, the Hulk's sidekick and best friend of the Green Goliath's true identity, Bruce Banner. Soon after, Marlo became close friends Bruce's wife, Elizabeth "Betty" Ross Banner and they become roommates. When Betty and Marlo first met Betty resented her because she dated her husband but she eventually got over it. When they are out getting breakfast they are approached by a woman claiming to be Rick's mother, they don't believe her but when they see all of her proof they start to believe her and introduce her to Rick. Jackie turns out to be a delusional orphanage worker who drugs Rick and traps him in her basement. Marlo is killed by Jackie when she learns about Rick in the basement. Marlo is resurrected by the technology of the Leader because of the mental link between him and Rick was causing him to feel Rick''s emotions. The process is interrupted and her mind doesn't return with her body right away. They have Doc Samson examine her and he believes that she could just be in some kind of coma. Her brothers show up after they find out about her and try to get her away from Rick, but drowning in grief he fights back. When he refuses to hand her over they have Captain America help talk some sense into him but the Hulk shows up and a battle ensues. Just before Rick is arrested by the cops her mind returns and their life returns to "normal".

    Married to Rick

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    Rick proposes to her a few weeks later and she says yes. At the bachelor party Rick and his friends watch a porno and are shocked to see Marlo in it, the next day Rick confronts her about it and she accidentally sells her soul to Mephisto in order to make Rick forgive her. There wedding is sabotaged by the Impossible Man who sends out invitations to all of Rick's enemies and allies from the Skrulls to Rom, but rather then ruin the day Rick allows everyone to stay as long as their is no fighting. The ceremony is interrupted by Mephisto who comes to claim Marlo's soul but Hulk beats him down and sends him back to hell. After their marriage Marlo and Rick even get their own talk show called "Keeping up With the Joneses". Months later when Rick is crippled by a mind-controlled Hulk their relationship goes through a rough patch and they eventually split when Betty dies of gamma poisoning.

    Rick's Bonding to Genis

    Shortly afterwords Rick's legs are fixed and he is bonded with the new Captain Marvel Genis-Vell. Marlo buys a comic shop in Los Angeles and decides to give her marriage with Rick another chance. When the alien death god Walker starts trying to kill Death, Thanos reveals that Marlo has been her host body since she was restored to life by Leader. In order to protect her Genis, Thor, Thanos,and Marlo travel to purgatory but Walker follows them. Since it is impossible to die in purgatory he forces Marv to switch places with Rick blows off his arm and ages him nearly 100 years. An angry Death takes over Marlo and tears all of Walker's power away from him. As a side affect of her bonding with Death she gained a "death wish" ability, whenever she says "I wish..." without really meaning it the wish comes true. She discovered this ability when she accidentally killed herself with it. Upon return to earth Rick becomes extremely depressed and tries to kill himself. Meanwhile Marlo's comic shop is in financial trouble due to a new competitor that is being run by the magician Maha Yogi. Yogi built the store so that he could gather enough sacrifices to summon the demon Grendel's Mother. Unfortunately for Yogi, Grendel's Mother doesn't want to help him and she leaves him to fight Marv and Moondragon by himself. The fight is about even until Rick uses his vast knowledge of cliche ways to defeat a villain to help them deflect a spell back at Yogi destroying him.

    Rick is returned to his normal age by the Supreme Intelligence in a deal with Genis. Later, after being separated from Rick again for a time and after being involved in some of the Captain Marvel's journeys, she starts a romantic relationship with the heroin Moondragon. Marlo breaks up with Rick then she and Moondragon leave to explore their relationship. But soon enough, Marlo knows that deep down she still may have some feelings for Rick. The feelings are confirmed when Genis takes control of every TV, computer, and radio on Earth and broadcasts Rick's song for Marlo. Thus she reunites with him once again and ends the relationship between her and Moondragon. Unfortunately the end of Genis and Rick's adventures are signaled when Marlo's former employee at Comic Castle, Al, shows up to collect everything. Rick sees everything for what it really is due to his "Comic Awareness" and starts to throw a tantrum. Al is actually Eulogy one of " the seven friendless", a group of cosmic entities that control the universe. Eulogy shows up at the end of all comics to settle all loose ends and collect everything so it can be used again later. He sends Moondragon away through a portal before talking to Rick and Marlo. Eulogy undoes the bond between Rick and Marv, takes away Marlo's deathwish ability, and tells them what their futures would have been had their adventures gone on. He pulls Marv out of the Microverse and explains to him that the adventures are over. Marv takes some convincing but he agrees to follow Rick and Marlo through the portal.

    World War Hulks

    Marlo has been missing for some time and was revealed to have been kidnapped at some point in time by the Leader. She was turned into a new version of the Harpy and battle Bruce Banner and Skaar. She was cured of this and subsequently parted ways with Rick again.

    Chaos War

    During the Chaos War, Marlo returned and using her connection to Death raised Doc Samson, Jarella, Glenn Talbot and Hiroim the Oldstrong to help the Hulk family battle against the Chaos King's agents. Towards the end of the crossover, she again uses her connection to Death to banish Zom from Dr.Strange and send Abomination back to the afterlife citing it as "fun".

    Powers and Abilities

    Marlo's powerset has been incredibly inconsistent to say the least. As the host of Death, her most commonly displayed power is the ability to communicate with the dead. During the Chaos War she was able to use her connection to Death to briefly raise the dead and free Dr. Strange from zom (who was possessing Dr.Strange at the time) and send Abomination back to the afterlife with just a touch. She also had a "death-wish" power but this was removed when she wished it away, however she still retains her connection to death, and in extreme circumstances such as during the Chaos War, can use it to channel the powers of the cosmic entity Mistress Death herself.

    At different points she has displayed powers which have not been seen before or since such as immense strength and the ability to shoot intense beams of heat from her eyes.

    As her one-off mutation into the Harpy, she had super strength (in line with your standard gamma mutate) and wings which enabled her to fly. She also had talons and could fire some form of energy from her hands. However, the Harpy mutation by the Intelligencia was only temporary however and she can no longer transform into her Harpy.

    Marlo is also an athletic woman, a talented swimmer and gymnast, as well as being strong from working out. She is also noted for her height.

    Other Media

    The Incredible Hulk

    Marlo supposedly has a small unspeaking cameo in the The Incredible Hulk. A redheaded woman who is seen walking with Betty as Bruce watches her leave school is assumed to be Marlo.


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