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Origin and History

Marlene Blackgar's mutant ability to turn others into stone simply by gazing into their eyes manifested itself shortly after birth, turning her mother into a lifeless statue only moments later.

Due to this early tragedy, her father, Dr. Miles Blackgar, performed many experiments, some inhumane, trying to cure his daughter of her powers, much to Marlene's dismay.  Dr. Blackgar eventually came across the Darkhold, Chthon's book of spells.  Unbenknownst of her supernatural form, Dr. Blackgar used Jack Russell (also known as the Werewolf by Night) as an experiment, but Russell was able to break free due to the use of his powers.  Marlene turned him into stone, but he was still able to escape.

The Blackgar family then tracked him down to his home before Marlene gazed into a mirror, turning both her and her father into stone.  The two are now on display at the Santa Monica Art Museum in California.

Powers and Abilities

Marlene Blackgar is a mutant who can transform others into stone when they look into her eyes.

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