Marlene Alraune

    Character » Marlene Alraune appears in 202 issues.

    A girlfriend and later wife of Marc Spector, Moon Knight.

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    Marlene's father Dr. Peter Alraune was murdered by mercenary Raoul Bushman while they were in Sudan, Marc Spector another mercenary saved Marlene from Bushman but Bushman left Specter to die in the desert. The workers of Dr. Alraune took Spector's inert body to the tomb of Pharaoh Seti lll. Spector revived and then he and Marlene went back to the US where Spector became the crime fighter Moon Knight and then she became his girlfriend and trusted ally.

    Marlene has a degree in art history. Under Moon Knight she gained some experience as a covert operative. She is a moderately skilled hand-in-hand combatant.


    Height: 6ft 2in

    Weight: 130 lbs.

    Eyes: Blue

    Hair: Blonde


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