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On Enterprise
On Enterprise

Marla McGivers was the lone historian on the U.S.S. Enterprise and had little to do until the Enterprise discovered an ancient sleeper ship named the S.S. Botany Bay. As she went on the ship she came face to face with Khan Noonien Singh who she became enamored with. She agreed to help Khan over throw her ship provided he wouldn't hurt anyone. When he appeared to back on his promise and threatened the life of her Captain James Kirk she switched sides again and and saved him.

Once the mutiny was over Kirk couldn't stand to see khan sent to a rehabilitation colony or Have Marla face a capitol offense after saving his life. He also did not want to split up the pair. He decided instead to maroon them on Ceti Alpha V an unpopulated planet with Khan's agreement. Shortly after the Enterprise left, the neighboring planet blew-up and shifted the orbit of Ceti Alpha V and killed nearly all life on the planet.

Kirk never sent anyone to check on the new colony and they were forgotten resulting in Marla being killed by the Ceti eel that has their young enter into the ears of there victims and wraps themselves around the cerebral cortex on a human brain.


Maral McGivers was created for the original Star Trek television show.

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