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Marla Jameson was born as Marla Madison. Not much is known about Marla's youth accept that she attended college and that she became an accomplished scientist. It was through her work that Marla encountered J. Jonah Jameson, whom was the publisher of the Daily Bugle.


Marla Jameson was created by Len Wein and Ross Andru and first appeared in the The Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 issue 162 (1976).

Major Story Arcs

Meeting Jonah

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Marla was contracted by J Jonah Jameson in order to help him produce Spider-Slayers, robots that had to apprehend or kill Spider-Man, whom he viewed as a menace. Marla at first shared his beliefs that Spider-Man was a terrorist menace to the city, but she soon found out he truly was a hero.

From that moment on, her attention was always more of a scientist, intereted more in the pure science of her endeavours. She eventually told Jonah she did not want to fight Spider-Man anymore. Eventually, Marla fell in love with Jonah, and the two started a relationship. The relationship to Marla caused Jonah to become less angry all the time.


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Eventually, Marla and Jonah tied the knot and planned a wedding. Things however did not go as planned, as Marla was kidnapped by an old adversary of Jonah, the Scorpion. Luckily, Spider-Man intervened and rescued her, enforcing Marla's belief that Spider-Man was truly a good man. After that, Marla and Jonah were married.


Marla's death
Marla's death

Marla stood by Jonah as he ran for mayor, and actually managed to get elected. Because of Jonah's higher profile, he and Marla had to be secured all the time. Tragedy however struck when an altered Alistair Smythe sought his revenge against Jonah. When Smyth tried to kill Jonah, Marla pushed Jonah out of harm's way, leaving herself in the path of Smythe's attack. Smythe was defeated by Spider-Man, as Marla laid in Jonah's arms. With her dying breath she asked him to not be angry. Jonah told Spider-Man that he was not angry at him, or Smythe, but he felt that it was all his fault.


Marla's death also had a profound impact on Spider-Man. After her death, Peter vowed that he would double his efforts in making sure not one innocent bystander would die on his watch. Jonah's promise to not get angry worked for some time, but as mayor he sought the death-penalty for Alistair Smythe, which happened through the hands of the Superior Spider-Man (when Peter's body was inhabited by Doctor Octopus' mind).

Powers and Abilities

She is a regular human but with an advanced knowledge of robotics. She has created some deceptively sinister devices capable of giving Spider-Man a difficult time.

Other Versions

MC 2 Universe

Marla appears in the alternate reality of the MC2 Universe, the world of Spider-Girl. She is also married to Jonah, but have grown old together. She was part of the project that created the superhero The Buzz.


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