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    Donald Henderson dons the guise of the Marksman to hunt down crime. An expert marksman and adventurer he joined the ranks of the Champions and later lead the team.

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    Starting in Eclipse Comics in October 1986, Marksman and his cohorts in the Champions later moved to their own Heroic comic brand. They actually started life as part of the Champions role-playing game.

    After the comic broke from the makers of the game his name was changed to Donald Hunter and his alter ego became the Huntsman.


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    Marksman is, in reality, Donald Henderson, a soldier and mercenary who has of late disavowed killing and favors weapons that only stun or knock people out. He's trained to the peak of physical perfection and has an apparent gene that keeps him from aging at the normal human rate, making for real longevity, as long as someone doesn't bump him off first.

    His father, who Donald thought was in league with an evil organization called Demon, was in reality attempting to reveal them as the dangerous threat he secretly knew them to be. In the process Donald's father had his reputation ruined and has gone into seclusion, leaving the resources of his electronics company for Marksman to deal with.

    Powers and Abilities

    Martial Artist trained in various arts of combat and also a gifted electronics engineering inventor. The Marksman also has demonstrated that he has some genetic mutant factor which has reduced his aging do a large degree. he is a man in his late fifties but appears and with physical attributes in his early thirties.

    Weapons and Paraphernalia

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    As the head of an electronics firm the marksman has access to state of the art weapons and all sorts of advanced electronic devices. On the field the Marksman often uses a sonic gun and a variety of other gadgets to fight crime.


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