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    Markovia is the home country of Brion Markov aka Geo-Force and Terra. It is supposedly located in Europe between Switzerland and Italy. Traditionally a country of farmers and miners, it has some tech industries. The capital city Markovburg is the royal seat of the House of Markov.

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    Markovia is often referred to as a small East European nation, suggesting writers may have shifted its original placement in Western Europe. The monarchy was officially established in 1776, but the Markovs may have been ruling the country since the Middle Ages. Markovia is the homeland of the hero Geo-Force and Terra (Brion and Tara Markov) as well as their father, King Viktor. To protect his country after World War II, King Viktor funded Dr. Helga Jace's path-breaking Markovian research on mutants and metahumans. Two mutants whom Jace trained in Markovia were Shimmer and Mammoth of the Fearsome Five. She also gave Geo-Force and Terra their powers. Viktor ruled the country until he died fighting Baron Bedlam.

    Viktor was succeeded by his eldest son, Prince Gregor. Gregor was murdered by Dr. Jace, one of his most trusted servants. It was revealed that Jace had long been a traitor planted in the midst the royal family of Markovia by the Manhunters. After Jace's death, her Markovian work on metahumans was taken up by Dr. Simone Kneidel.

    Brion is the current King of Markovia, but he is serving as regent for his nephew, and will step down when Crown Prince Gregor is old enough to rule their small country. There have been many attempts to take over Markovia by the likes of Roderick, Deadcoil, Baron Bedlam, and others, but all have failed and Markovia remains in the hands of the Markov family. Brion allied Markovia with New Krypton, while The Eradicator acted as New Krypton's representative at Castle Markov.

    Markovia may be situated directly above Strata, the underground city of Terra 3. Atlee has been shown reaching Strata from different locations, including Markovia.

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