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    Marko is the husband of Alana, who attempts to keep their daughter Hazel safe during an intergalactic war.

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    Marko is a member of an unnamed alien species. He was born on Wreath, the only moon of the planet Landfall. Landfall and Wreath have been locked in battle for as long as anyone can remember.


    Marko was created by writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Fiona Staples. He first appeared in Saga #1.

    Major Story Arcs

    During a battle on the planet Cleave, Marko surrendered as a 'conscientious objector'. He was placed in a detention facility, where he was guarded by Private First Class Alana. Despite being on opposite sides of the war, the two fell in love instantly. Twelve hours later they had both disappeared. They managed to evade detection for fifteen months, during which time Alana became pregnant with their child. While they were hiding in a garage, Alana gave birth to their daughter Hazel.

    Shortly after Hazel's birth Marco and his family were attacked by the Robot Empire. Shortly after the Moonies alive and them and the Robots kill each other, allowing Marko and his family to escape. Now, while being hunted by all sides of a war, they retreat to the jungle of the planet they inhabit. There they come into contact with the bounty hunter known as The Stalk. Not realizing that she was a freelancer who was pursuing them, Marko lays down his weapons as a sign of good faith. He is then attacked and poisoned by The Stalk. The Stalk is scared away by a group of horrors. One of the Horrors, a ghost like figure with the appearance of a teenage girl named Izebel, makes a deal with Alana to save Marco's life in exchange for allowing her to link her soul with Hazel.

    While partially unconscious and possibly delirious from the poison that The Stalk injected him with, Marko reveals that he had another bride named Gwendolyn. After regaining consciousness Alana asks him about Gwendolyn. Marco reveals that she was a girl that he was promised to Mary when he was young, but he claims that he and her grew apart long before he met Alana.

    While continuing their journey to find a spaceship to leave the plant they were on, they are attacked by the forces of Landfall. After seeing his wife shot, Marko defeats many solders with great skill. He appeared to be out for blood, but he was stopped by Alana, who didn't want to see him lose himself to his rage. They take the vehicle that the army used and use it to travel to the location of a space shuttle that was given to the by Izebel. After finding the space shuttle Marko breaks his sword, claiming that his fighting days are behind him.

    Shortly after they leave in the space shuttle Marko's parents teleport to his location. Initially Marko's parents attack, sensing that his sword broke they thought he was in trouble. They attack Izebel, sending her to a neighboring planet. Marko and his mother, Klara, go and rescue Izebel. Marko and his mom return with Izebel. While leaving their ship is attacked by The Will, but Marko's Father, Barr, uses his magic to set their ship free. However, since Barr was sick this costs him his life.

    Marko takes the death of his father harshly. The group then travels to the house of D. Oswald Heist. He wrote a book that inspired Marko and Alana. He wrote a story simular to their advertising, of two people from opposing factions in a war falling in love. Oswald is happy to help them out, and for a while they stay with him, living a almost normal life. However, there peace is eventually interrupted by Prince Robot IV, who comes looking for Marco and his wife.

    Robot is defeated by Klara, but Gwendolyn, who arrives looking for Marko accidentally kills Oswald. Gwendolyn then finds Marko and tells him that she has fallen in love with someone else as well. She claims he is hurt and asks Marko for ingredients to a healing spell that can cure him. Marko tells her what he knows, but she still comes into conflict with Alana. Marko, Alana, and Klara then manage to escape the planet that night.

    Powers and Abilities

    Marko has been portrayed as a soldier with some experience in swordsmanship. He also possesses magical abilities, and is able to use healing spells and generate a magical flame in order to light a room. His competence with his sword and the extent of his magical abilities, have not been fully demonstrated yet.


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