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Are all of the Millarworlod characters Kick-ass, Nemesis, and Superior set in the same universe? Are there plans for them to crossover with characters from other companies?

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Other than that those three interlocking variants I don't think so. I'm pretty sure that at least Kick-Ass takes place in another universe seeing as how it was stated that no one's ever tried to be a superhero, though, technically that doesn't include supervillains, I suppose and Superior is technically a new superhero.
I don't think so, though.

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None of them are in the same universe, as @iLLituracy said, it was just those interlocking variants.

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What do you mean by interlocking variants?

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@pelletboy said:

What do you mean by interlocking variants?

This is what they're talking about. And considering the premise of each series, having them take place in the same continuity would be kind of cheap.

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