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    Mark Millar is a comic writer known best for his work on The Authority, and many flagship titles for Marvel, and the hugely successful Civil War storyline. He is currently focusing on creator-owned work.

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    Millar was the writer of the status quo shattering Civil War.

    He is also the architect behind the Millarworld comics. This is a group of comics that are all published by different companies, and the only binding thread seems to be Millar as their writer. These books include Wanted, Chosen, and The Unfunnies. On June, 2008 a film adaption of his "Wanted" series was released. It stars Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy.

    Millarworld was purchased by Netflix in 2017, taking over rights to all of the various properties he created. Almost all of the properties are in production or development, with the first season of Jupiter's Legacy released in 2021.

    Millar retained ownership of Kick-Ass & Kingsman in the Netflix sale; they are the only properties he retained.

    He was called in and suggested Iron Monger as the main villain for the 2008 film adaption of "Iron Man". His next big project is called "Nemesis" but DC is currently taking legal action against Millar due to the characters likeness to Batman.

    He was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and has since cut back on his workload.

    He is also famous for his reinvention of Nick Fury, The Avengers and The X-Men in the "Ultimate Universe", which deals with more modern and cynical versions of the classical "616" universe. He described his style, as taking it back to basics, and giving it a more current day twist. He was the creator of Old Man Logan, who comes from another alternate universe.

    Currently Millar is writing the creator owned comic, Huck.

    Famous titles

    Millar has won a variety of awards over the years:

    • 2000 Eisner Award for Best Title for a Younger Audience — Superman Adventures
    • 2000 Eisner Award for Best Writer — Superman Adventures
    • 2001 Eisner Award for Best Writer — The Authority and Ultimate X-Men
    • 2001 Eisner Award for Best Serialized Story — The Authority #13–16: "The Nativity"
    • 2004 Eagle Award for Favourite Comics Writer
    • 2005 Eagle Award for Favourite Comics Writer

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