Maris Brood

    Character » Maris Brood appears in 3 issues.

    One of the secondary characters in the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed comic series.

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    Maris was found by the Jedi while she was an infant. She began training on the starship Gray Pilgrim in the ways of the the Force. Because of this, the events of Order 66 did not affect her or her Master, and thus they were spared from the wrath of the clone army. When her Master went missing she swore vengeance on the Sith, especially the newly appointed Sith Lord Darth Vader. She was eventually found by Jedi Master Shaak Ti, who did her best to sway the young Jedi away from the dark side of the Force. While Shaak Ti was somewhat successful, she still was unable to "cure" Maris' lust for vengeance. After Shaak Ti's death, the planet Felucia began to immediately be consumed by the dark side. Maris was no exception.

    Maris took control of the local Felucians and local wildlife and patiently waited for her chance at revenge. This chance took the form of now-turned Sith Apprentice Galen Marek, who had visited the planet earlier under the guise of Starkiller and killed her Master Shaak Ti. When Marek landed on Felucia, Maris confronted the man atop a large white rancor and attempted to fight Marek. After he managed to kill her rancor with a telekinetic burst to the head, Maris jumped in and used her twin shoto lightsabers as she attempted to kill the apprentice herself. She proved no match for him, however, and was soon defeated and lying on the ground in front of him, begging for her life. She was granted mercy from Marek in the hope that she would turn away from the dark side as he did and return to the light.

    This character is a Zabrak and was portrayed by Adrienne Wilkinson in the game "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed". Her sabers are supposed to be green but we see them red in the game. She also has some mind control over the Rancors. And there are two action figures and of them is a Jedi, however, her sabers are red. The other figure has grey skin showing her pass to the dark side.


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