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    Princess Mari was the daughter of the King and Queen of Homeworld. When Baron Karza killed her parents and enslaved their planet, she helped lead the underground resistance fighters on Homeworld, before joining Commander Arcturus Rann as a member of the Micronauts.

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    Princess Mari was born into the royal family of the planet of Homeworld in the Microverse. When Baron Karza overthrew the royal family she and her brother Prince Argon were forced into hiding. Instead of keeping a low profile, however they joined the rebels. Mari was captured and sent to the Pleasure Pits where she disguised herself as Marionette. Eventually, the Enigma Force in the form of Time Traveler helped her escape. During their rescue, she and her faithful companion Microtron joined Commander Rann, Bug and Prince Acroyear. Together they escaped Baron Karza's dog soldiers by breaking through the spacewall and landing on Earth. They defeated Karza's forces and decided to stay together, forming the original Micronauts.


    Marionette was an original character created by Bill Mantlo and Michael Golden. She first appeared in Micronauts #1 (1979) and was not based on any part of the Micronauts toy line.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    With the Micronauts

    After returning to Homeworld, the Micronauts assisted the rebel forces in overthrowing Baron Karza and his Dog Soldiers. During their time together, Marionette and Commander Rann fell in love. She gave up her right to the throne of Homeworld to continue her adventures with the Micronauts and pursue her love for Commander Rann.

    Enigma Force and the Son of Hulk

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    Arcturus began searching for the Enigma Force Nullifier and continued his search for decades. He believed that with the device he could cure his cancer. Along with Carl the Death's Head robot and a recently returned Marionette, they found the nullifier on the planet K'ai, only to find the crazed son of Hulk, Hiro Kala. Hiro planned to destroy the Old Power, which included destroying the Microverse. Instead of curing himself, Arcturus used the Nullifier in an attempt to defeat Hiro Kala.

    When the Nullifier Wave was released, it reset the Microverse from the destruction Hiro unleashed and cured Arcturus' cancer. But Hiro was not defeated and took K'ai with him into the the regular universe. Arcturus formed the Enigma Force as a group to follow Hiro, defeat him and return the planet to it's rightful place in the Microverse.


    Marionette has exceptional gymnastics ability and is a crack shot with a laser pistol.


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