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    One of Rorschach's villains. Together with her husband Mime, they are a pastiche of the Charlton characters Punch and Jewelee.

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    Marionette was created by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank.


    In Doomsday Clock, we learn more about Erika's past. Her father was a dollmaker when she was a little girl. It seems that she took inspiration from one of the dolls, her Marionette, as she now looks very much like her.

    There's a shop across the street, a boy named Marcos who'd later become Mime. Erika tries to entertain him, but it's no use, he doesn't react too well. One day, Erika's been chased by three boys, they beat her up but then suddenly a bottle cuts one boy's head open. It was indeed Marcos.

    Back at the shop, she sees her father hanged. As the men enter the shop, she attacks the two of them with the help of Marcos. From now on, Marcos is all she has.

    Flashpoint Beyond

    Marionette and Mine made a deal with Batman to help locate Janey Slater's watch in exchange for something.


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