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Early Years

Marion Ravenwood was born in 1909 to the world renowned Abner Ravenwood. She never had any interest in her father's line of work until 1925 when she met her future husband Indiana Jones. Indy had offered to help Abner on his quest to find the legendary Ark of the Covenant, soon after Indy and Marion developed a relationship between each other much to the dismay of her father. When Abner found out about the relationship Indy and his friendship would head south. The two would never have the chance to reconcile. From then on Abner kept Marion close to him and she traveled with him across the globe to Egypt, Persia, Iraq, Europe, and then to Nepal. In the village of Patan, Nepal Abner would purchase a small tavern which he named The Raven. Marion had to the run the tavern as her father was constantly away on his trips that were funded by the profits their tavern made. Marion became an alcoholic, attempting to drink away the pain her father had caused her by not allowing her to be with Indy
For the next 11 years Marion would have no contact with Indy until 1936. By that time her father had disappeared and she was ready to give up the tavern and move back to the states until Indy showed up. She punched him in the face out of anger for leaving her, however she reluctantly agreed to give Indy her medallion for five thousand dollars. After promising him that if he came back tomorrow she would have the medallion he left. Less than a minute after he left a group of men led by the German Major Toht of the Third Reich Special Antiquities Collection asked for the medallion but she told them she had given it to Indy. They did not believe her and as he was about torture her Indy stepped and during the chaos the tavern caught on fire. The medallion fell in the fire and as Toht grabbed it, it left an imprint on his hand due to the heat. Marion grabbed the medallion with a towel and ran out of the tavern with Indy as she watched burn down. 
As she had nowhere else to go she joined Indy in his quest to find the lost Ark of the Covenant. They traveled to Tanis, Egypt to locate the map room where by placing the medallion on a staff of the correct height into the correct hole it will show the location of the well of Souls. When they arrived Marion was captured by the Nazis along with Indy's old rival Rene Belloq, a French mercenary and archaeologist. While looking through The Nazi camp Indy stumbled upon Marion gagged and bound in one of the tents, because an escape in broad daylight would cause too much unwanted attention and would be nearly impossible Indy left her there. The next morning the Nazis discovered that Indy had found the ark and Toht threw Marion down into the Well of Souls along with Indy and then had the well sealed so Indy and Marion would not be able to escape. They successfully escaped and intercepted the Nazis on their route to Cairo. Thanks to Sallah, the most well known excavator in Egypt and one of Indy's closest friends they were able to get the Ark safely aboard a steamer called the Bantu Wind. The Nazis boarded the ship, removed the ark, and captured Marion again but Indy was already off the ship and nearing the U-Boat. 
The ark was taken to the Greek isle of Crete and there Indy made an attempt to rescue Marion but ended up being captured. By opening the Ark the Nazis unleashed the wrath of god and were all killed, leaving Marion and Indy the solve survivors of the incident (Presumably because they were the only souls worthy enough to open it while The Nazis were not). 
When they arrived back at the states with the Ark the government prevented Indy from studying the Ark and it's power and took it to a military hangar in Nevada's Area 51. Marion looking for a job tried several professions while trying to rekindle her and Indy's relationship. She opened a nightclub, The Raven's Nest in Manhattan's east side. The club decorator burnt it down and Marion took a job as journalist but quickly realized it wasn't for her and became a public relations officer for The National Museum in Washington DC. Within that position she was able to travel with Indy on his adventures even joining him to search for her father who had disappeared years earlier. Shortly Marion ran away from only leaving a note behind that read "  Mr. Jones, I've got to get away. Don't you dare come looking for me. Marion." 
The two reunited and were planning to marry but Indy decided to disappear and the two wouldn't speak to or see each other for the next twenty years. Shortly before he left she became pregnant with Henry Jones III (Mutt Williams) but not did not tell Indy. In July of '38 she gave birth to him and three months later she began dating Colin Williams, a pilot for the Royal Air Force whom Indy introduced to Marion. The two married soon after. The marriage lasted several years until Colin was killed in the WWII. Mutt was never told about Indy and as such he grew up thinking Colin was his real father. After Colin's death Harold Oxley, and old friend of Indy's became Mutt's surrogate father.

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