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Top Cow

Marinette Bwa Chech was summoned by the man named Tau'ma; now with a mission she went on her way. Her first kill, a Jewish rabbi was only for catching Sara Pezzini's attention. Sara showed up to investigate the murder, Marinette followed her but missed her, Marinette then took the first kill she could. Next night she again reappeared, and she met Gretchen Fullmer, disappointed that it wasn't Sara; she was about to kill her, but was stopped by Pezzini. The two fought briefly and Marinette left saying she will choose the next battle. But Sara Pezzini was smarter than Marinette gave her credit; she used voodoo magic to summon her. Sara wanted her to spill why she was after her, but Marinette didn't reveal her mission. Sara grew angrier by the moment, and Marinette was pleased. She again created a portal and left Sara with words "We are finished, but for you it's only beginning". Marinette's true mission was to tilt Sara more to the Witchblade's dark side and she succeeded in that when Sara gave in to her anger.

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