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    Amalgam's version of Aquaman and Namor the Sub-Mariner

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    Mariner is the former king of Atlantis and first among metamutants. He fought to protect Atlantis from the surface but he was banished from Atlantis and captured for a crime he did not commit. He is an amalgam of DC's Aquaman and Marvel's Namor the Sub-Mariner.


    Mariner was created by Gerard Jones, Mark Waid and Howard Porter. His first appearance was in JLX #1 (April 1996).

    Major Story Arcs

    Super Soldier: Man of War

    Mariner appears during World War 2 as a member of the All Star Winners Squadron. His costume is different at that time period.


    Mariner (after being framed by Will Magnus) and the JLX are on the run from the Judgment League Avengers. After a brief fight, in which Mariner clashes with Goliath, the JLX escapes and reaches Atlantis, Mariner's lost city and haven for all metamutants.

    To their shock the city is empty, devastated and Will Magnus is waiting fir them with an army of Sentinels and Jocasta at his side. After a brutal fight, Will Magnus retreats, and Mariner along with his fellow metamutants vow to find the missing Atlanteans.

    JLX Unleashed

    It is revealed during a flashback how Will Magnus used a legislation called the "Armageddon Agenda" to effectively declare war on metamutants. This war halved the population of Atlantis and caused Mariner's exile. Mariner can be seen fighting some Sentinels.

    Powers and Abilities

    Mariner is the first metamutant and shares some abilities with Aquaman and Namor.

    Superhuman Strength

    Mariner has superhuman strength. He was able to support a collapsing submarine, holding back the water pressure and destroy a huge Sentinel in one strike. He was also able to fight the super strong Golliath briefly.

    Superhuman Durability

    Mariner has superhuman durability. He was able to withstand a point blank blast from Jocasta. He also healed from an arm injury by the time JLX reached Atlantis, after their fight with the Judgment League Avengers.

    Underwater Adaptation

    He can function normally underwater, see on the bottom of the sea and is able to withstand the high pressures and extreme temperatures of the deep. He can breath both air and water and he can swim at superhuman speeds.

    Enhanced Speed / Agility / Jump

    Mariner can move and react much faster than humans. He is capable of out reacting multiple trained soldiers or spinning his chained anchor extremely fast. He can also leap long distances or great heights, beyond human capacity (like striking a 20 to 30 feet tall Sentinel to the head) and charge opponents from afar before they can react.

    Enhanced Senses

    Mariner has shown the ability to see normally even at the bottom of the ocean.


    Mariner has been fighting since at least 1942 but is still at his prime in 1996.

    Skilled Leader / Warrior

    Mariner is an experienced and skilled leader. He has lead both a country and a team in battle. He is also a very skilled and experienced warrior, having fought in World War 2, the Metamutant War and his war against the surface dwellers. He is particularly skilled with his chained anchor.

    Weapons and Equipment

    Mariner wields an chained anchor as his main weapon

    Chained Anchor

    Mariner uses an anchor tied to a big chain as his main weapon. The anchor is strong enough to destroy a Sentinel in one strike.


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