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Ms. Lucas was a simple homestyle wife who owned her own dojo in a strip mall and was happily married to her husband Patrick, until the day he died of a rare food allergy he had a bad reaction too. Heart broken and vulnerable she was approached by an unseen instigator who offered her insight as to who and what was responsible for his death. Arming her with a scifi sound armament harness called "The Six Killing Words" she soon sought to matte out revenge against the WindCrest Corporation which produced the potentially lethal product that killed her spouse.

These events put her in the cross-hairs of The Midnighter who'ed recently gone out on a search for the garden's stolen technology. The former, whom after Marina temporarily dispatched, quickly deduced that the tech piece was only dangerous so long as the victim of the six words could hear it. Just as Marina was about to deal the killing blow for the 44 people who died due to the board of directors greed and carelessness, Midnighter came back on scene and disabled her device after bursting his own eardrums to avert its effects. But he heard and felt every heartbreaking word of the lonely widow's story and personally dished out vigilante justice against the company heads on her behalf.


Hand to Hand Specialist

Lucas is an exceptionally skilled combatant being an instructor who owns a personal dojo in a mini-mall, her ability was enough to incapacitate the security forces of a well known corporate venture. She was adept enough to be recruited into the spy agency of Spyral.

Liu Sha Jue (Six Killing Words)

A soniokinetic harness that enables Lucas to strike at the vital parts of the body with the sound of her voice, when the proper word is uttered the afflicted suffered catastrophic internal rupturing assocciated with its meaning. It also augmented her own physical senses to impressive degree's being able to detect Midnighter even though he was undetectable by Marina's other five senses.


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