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    After being rescued by Black Widow, Lucy used her new powers to become a vigilante and to aid San Fransisco.

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    Lucy was created by Kelly Thompson, Jordie Bellaire, and Rafael de Latorre. She first appeared in Black Widow #6. She was revealed to have powers in Black Widow #7.


    Meeting Black Widow

    Lucy first met Natasha Romanoff when she attempted to steal the spy's wallet, obviously not knowing who she was. Natasha caught her and they exchanged some words, in which Lucy claimed the fake alias 'Marigold'. Natasha eventually let her go and gave her her wallet.

    However, they met again after Natasha fought Apogee's army. Natasha found Lucy unconscious and decided to bring her back.

    Staying With Black Widow and Yelena

    Lucy stayed with Natasha and Yelena, where Yelena taught her combat skills (against Natasha's wishes) and she helped Yelena track down Apogee. It was revealed that Apogee had manipulated Lucy and had given her powers and that Natasha had rescued her from him.

    After training, Natasha went to Lucy's room to have a discussion with her. However, Lucy's new electricity powers began flaring up, which is when Yelena entered and helped to defuse the situation. When talking to Natasha, Lucy expressed her want to take Apogee down.


    After Natasha and Yelena infiltrated Apogee's headquarters, they captured and interrogated one of the people that Apogee had given powers to, a man. However, it wasn't long before his powers appeared to destroy him, and he was killed. Lucy began to worry about if she, too, would be killed by her powers. She called the guy "Stan" because she didn't know his real name. She told Natasha not to leave her alone if the same thing happened to her, to which Natasha agreed.

    Lucy then continued to help Natasha take down Apogee, joined by Yelena, Anya Corazon, and Kate Bishop.

    The Tip

    Lucy joined the group when they went to investigate a tip that Natasha had received. She and Anya partnered up and discovered that some rich people were at an auction. However, Lucy noted that that seemed off. When Natasha tried to talk to her, both Lucy and Anya stopped responding to their comms for an unknown reason.


    Lucy is able to generate and control electricity via her hands. She has also been trained in combat by Yelena and has some computer skills.

    Personal Information


    • Eye Color: Black
    • Hair Color: Black


    • Occupations: Vigilante, thief
    • Martial Status: Single

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