Marian Quin

    Character » Marian Quin appears in 63 issues.

    Originally from Myst, Marian Quin came to New York City with her friend Robyn Hood. She's Robyn partner in Nottingham Investigation.

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    Living in Myst in a cottage, Marian's father passed away when she was young. Her mother passed away shortly before Robyn Hood came to Myst. Marian had been staying home, reading and practicing magic. The witch Avella had tutored Marian in the arts of magic and managed to bound Marian's magic to her own.

    Marian is based on the character of the same name from the ballad "Robin Hood".

    Major Story Arcs

    Riot Girls

    Marian and Robyn have a private investigations office in Manhattan. They are contacted by Sam, leader of a coven, who worries about the drug habits of a teammate in her roller derby club, the Rockville Riot Grrls. Marian and Robyn manage to solve the case and Marian finds herself in love with Sam.


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