Character » Maria appears in 23 issues.

    A student at the King’s Dominion School of the Deadly Arts who often dons Mexican style skull face paint. She was a love interest of Marcus Lopez and was recently killed via poison ingestion.

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    Born in Mexico to a poverty stricken family, she was raised by her parents as they struggled to make meets end under a vicious Cartel Lord. Upon finding out that Maria's father was attempting to earn extra money without his permission, he personally murdered the majority of the family with a trio of henchmen to include his son, Chico. Ready to slaughter Maria, his hand was stayed by Chico as he stated that she could possible become a strong ally as she was clever and cunning. In agreement with his son, the cartel lord adopted her into his own family and raised her along his son. Years had passed and she becomes a student at King's Dominion School of The Deadly Arts and earns praise for her indirect tactics. Eventually,s he falls for Marcus Lopez, despite already being romantically involved with the son of the man who murdered her family, Chico. While stalking the duo among their group of friends, he confronts the two while they had been laying in bed and he attacks Marcus. Maria kills Chico to protect Marcus without remorse. She is later drugged by Master Lin when he discovers the mayhem being caused by Maria and her friends and the part she had played.

    Sometime afterwards, it is revealed that Maria was captured and being tortured by Chico's mother and older brother in the basement of their residence. However, she is then rescued by a disguised Marcus, who was able to escape from King’s Dominion School of the Deadly Arts after Saya faked Marcus' death during the rats killing event. After Marcus was able to kill the man who was torturing Maria, Maria was able to kill Chico's mother by slashing her into several pieces with her fans while Marcus blew up Chico's brother and the place Maria was held in. The two then proceed to leave and start a new life together.


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