Maria Pilar Cortes

    Character » Maria Pilar Cortes appears in 41 issues.

    The Deputy Minister of Spain who ran into Storm's team of X-Men whilst they were in Spain searching for Destiny's diaries

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    Whilst the team were in Valencia, Spain, they all get attacked by the local Guardia Civil forces. Rogue

    is shot into the sea, while Storm, Bishop, Beast, Psylocke and Thunderbird

    are caught; only Sage manages to escape. Maria arrives at the high tech base of the guardia where she is met by the commanding officer. He tells her about the testing and dagnostics they are performing on the X-Men team. Later the X-Men escape and Vargas strikes at the base. He confronts the X-Men and kills Psylocke. After this Maria lets the X-Men go free.

    Later Psylocke is resurrected in the exact spot she died in Spain where she was met by Spanish forces. After this Maria calls the X-Men, and after they arrive, she shows them Psylocke, much to their shock.


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