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Margus and Korg were part of the Kronan invasion fleet that attempted to conquer Earth, only to be swiftly defeated by Thor and forced to flee.


Margus was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby as one of the nameless invading stone aliens who Thor repelled from Earth in the thunder god's Marvel Comics debut. Some decades later, these stone aliens were given the name Kronans, and some were even given individual names by Greg Pak during his Planet Hulk storyline. Margus was one of these individual Kronans, but it would be his brother, Korg, who would go on to be a recurring character in Planet Hulk.

Mayor Story Arcs

Planet Hulk

Sometime during their interstellar travels, Margus and Korg were captured by the Sakaar Empire and implanted with obedience disks in order to enslave them. They were eventually seperated and sent to the Maw Gladiator Training School. Korg ended up being paired with the Hulk and several others as a gladiator team. In their first battle, they were forced to battle several Kronans who had fought against their obedience disks too long and burned out their minds. Margus was one of these Kronans. Korg didn't wish to attack his brother, but the Hulk forced him to, killing Margus and his fellow mindless Kronans. Korg was anguished afterwards over his brother's death, and grieved for him and the other fallen Kronans.

Powers and Abilities

As a Kronan, Margus's entire body is made of craggy stone, which grants him super strength and invulnerability to most physical damage. Margus also demonstrated the ability to withstand the extreme temperature of molten lava.

During the invasion of Earth, Margus utilized various Kronan devices, such as ray guns, collapsible cages, and a mechanized war robot.


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