Margo Damian

    Character » Margo Damian appears in 57 issues.

    Archeologist and girlfriend of the Eternal named Ikaris. She and her father found the Eternals after hundreds of years of absence. She died sometime later during a fight between the Eternals and the Deviants.

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    Brief History

    Margo Damian was the daughter of Doctor Daniel Damian, a noted archeologist. She accompanied her father to an Inca city in South America to locate the Incas' legendary Chamber of the Gods. They were accompanied by someone named Ike Harris (whom really was the Eternal named Ikaris. He was sent on this quest by the leader of his race, named Zarus, in order to locate the Chamber of the Gods. This was because the space gods known as the Celestials where bound to return in the following year, witch could very well spent doom for the human race. After Margo, her father and Ike found the Chamber, Ike revealed himself to be Ikaris. Ikaris told Margo about his back story, and amazing tale about 2 other human-like species who where as old as the human race itself, the Eternals and the Deviants. The Deviants where a race of trouble making mutants who wanted to defy the Gods, and hoped to start a war against them, with the human race in the middle. Time grew short when the Celestials returned to earth and wanted to close the Chamber (and the whole Inca City for that matter) from the outside world. Margo's father remained in the city to study, but Margo was taken away form the city by Ikarus and was send to New York City. While Ikarus was fighting the Deviants, Margo was taken to another Eternal named Sersi.


    Margo and Ikaris soon became lovers, and she accompanied him on several adventures. The deviant priest-lord Ghaur put her under his hypnotic control and abducted her to the Deviants' City. Ghaur held her hostage and changed her form to resemble that of a Deviant so that Ikaris would not recognize her. However, the process that transformed Margo also unintentionally killed her. Ikaris claimed her body and buried her in the same graveyard as other mortal women he had loved and lost.


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