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    Marge Simpson is the happy homemaker and the mother of the Simpson family.

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    Marge Bouvier would meet her future husband, Homer Simpson, in high school. She was turned away by his crude behavior, but drawn to his sincerity. She and Homer would parent 3 children together: Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. Marge is a sweet, caring woman who always thinks of others before herself. She is somewhat naive, tending to be optimistic and only seeing the good in things. She will do anything for her family.


    Marjorie Bouvier was born on March 18, 1955 to Clancy and Jacqueline Bouvier. She had two twin sisters named Patty and Selma Bouvier. Marge claims that she is a third-generation Springfielder, her family were immigrants who decided to settle in Springfield because they admired the life of Jebediah Springfield, instead of Stenchburg. Marge developed a fear of flying when she was shocked to find out her father was a flight stewardess instead of what her father told her, a pilot. Marge eventually grew up to be a talented artist, she also had a crush on Ringo Starr. She wrote him a letter when she was a teenager, however she would not receive the letter back until 25 years later. This helped re-inspire Marge to enter an art contest. Her painting of Homer drunk on the couch eventually won the competition. Marge had a short lived fame in high school when she and her best friend Chloe worked on the school paper as reporters. They busted Moe Szyslak for spitting in the cafeteria food while working there. However, after High School Marge stayed with Homer abandoning her dreams of becoming a reporter, while Chloe left her high school sweetheart Barney to become a reporter. Marge first meets Homer in 1974 before the senior prom. She was sent to detention because she was burning a bra outside the school. In detention, Homer asks Marge to go to the prom but she rejects him. He then tells her that he also needs help in French, and Marge decides to help him. She comes over and she begins teaching Homer French. Later that night Homer asks Marge to the prom and she says yes, however he reveals to Marge that this was only a plan to ask her to go to the prom, she slaps him and leaves. Later that morning, Marge was due for a debate against Artie Ziff. She did poorly and Artie ended up winning, Artie then asks Marge to go to the prom with him in which she says yes to him. After the prom, Artie tries to force himself on Marge and she slaps him, the two go home right afterwards. Marge realizes that she should have gone to the prom with Homer and decides to pick him up and drive him home. The two fall in love quickly afterwards. After high school, Marge worked as a roller-waitress at the drive-through restaurant. Marge becomes pregnant with Bart in 1980 and the couple had to quickly get married. They wed at a small wedding chapel and spent their reception alone at a truck stop. Marge later becomes pregnant with Lisa in 1983.


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