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Margaret was a cold and ruthless woman who in her youth she witnessed Apocalypse being summoned to deal with some Nu gari demons. She grew into a beautiful woman who relished her seat as a member of the inner council. She had two sons Hamilton and Frederick Slade both with rich strong, potent Apocalyptic bloodlines. She favored the far more ruthless Hamilton Slade however and used his status as the "fittest" to secure her seat of power.  Even after Frederick was given brain damage by his brother she still favored Hamilton. 
When the clan was set upon by Dracula and the clan turned into vampires she still sided with her vampiric son though she was not quick to serve Dracula. Her overbearing personality eventually took its toll and she was killed by her son Hamilton after he realized she was a rival in waiting.
Powers and Abilities
Margaret had a strong dose of Apocalypse blood in her system which led to her appointment on the inner circle. Her specific abilities was to transform the molecules of her hands into a metallic substance she could shape into claws and talons. This was the only power shown.


  • Height: 5 ft. 7 in.
  • Weight: 120 lbs. 
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Grey
  • Citizenship: English
  • Place of Birth: London, England
  • Marital Status:widow
  • Occupation: Heir, Servant of Apocalypse and the Inner Council of Clan Akkaba

Known Relatives

Apocalypse (Ancestor)

Unknown mate (deceased),  , Hamilton Slade (1st son, deceased), Frederick Slade (2nd son).  Blink (Descendant)

Jack Starsmore Jonothon Starsmore Kabar Brashir and  Clan Akkaba and it's descendants (cousins)  


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