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    Character » Margaret Power appears in 156 issues.

    Margaret Craig-Power is the wife of Dr. James Power and mother of Alex, Julie, Jack and Katie Power, better known as Power Pack.

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    Margaret is the wife of James Power, an inventor who once made a device which (unbeknown to them) could destroy large parts of the universe. She became mother of 4 children, Alex, Julie, Jack and Catie.


    Margaret Power was created by Louise Jones Simonson and June Brigman and frist appeared in Power Pack Volume 1 issue 1 (1984).

    Major Story Arcs

    Meeting the Snarcks

    The alien race known as the Snarks came looking for the device and thus came into conflict with the Power Pack kids, whom had received amazing powers from Whitey, an alien who died trying to warn the Power family of the nearing danger. Margaret never found out that her children were not where in fact superheroes, but had hinted at it sometimes. In the early days, the kids where unsure wheter or not to tell their parents that they had powers now. Especially July was in a moral dillema thinking that her mother and father wouldnt love her anymore and think of her as a freak if she told them about her powers. When July asked her mom, Margaret if she would love her no matter what, Margaret replied that "she would love her, even if she would start flying" (witch ironically was July's superhumanpower.)

    At one time both Margaret and James found out about their children, but their memory was erased by Mirage, a member of the New Mutants during the Inferno crossover. Margaret remains a loving parent to her children and a good wife to her husband James. She is a professional painter and illustrator.

    Grown up Children

    As time went on, the children grew up; Alex joined the Future Foundation group of the Fantastic Four and went of into space with them. Some months later, Julie left the house as well to join a group of former superheroes and eventually joined the Runaways. Later on, she also joined the Future Foundation, which caused Jack and Katie to be the only kids still living in the Power residence. Margaret and her husband James eventually wanted their kids back and pleaded to the Fantastic Four to bring their two oldest children back to Earth, which luckily worked out. Now Margaret and James where reunited with their 4 children.


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