Marcy Pearson

    Character » Marcy Pearson appears in 44 issues.

    A former ally of Tony Stark and lover of James Rhodes, before she tried to frame him for murder.

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    Marcy Pearson's first appeared in "Iron Man #217". She was a financial reporter for the Independent News Service whose perceptive questions caused Tony Stark to hire her as at the head of Public Relations of Stark Enterprises. She was payed twice her salary as a reporter. Ambitious and independent, Marcy soon found herself embroiled in the adventures that often happen to Stark's close staff. Just hired, she was turned into a stone statue by artist Paul St. Pierre a.k.a. the Grey Gargoyle. She also quickly began a romantic relationship with Jim Rhodes.

    In #242, she was made the head of Stark Enterprises while Stark was incapacitated, having just been shot by Kathy Dare. Frustrated with his paralysis, Stark planned to turn his entire company over to her in #248, but suddenly changed his mind and remained in charge. The promise of being made CEO, only to have it taken away from her, was a bitter pill for Pearson to swallow, and later, when Rhodes was made the CEO following Stark's death, she was outraged. She offered Rhodey an ultimatum either he resigned or they were threw. Rhodes fired her.

    Pearson soon teamed up with Morgan Stark to frame Rhodey for Stark's death, but she was easily caught. Later, she conspired with hacker Philip Grant to sabotage Stark Enterprises.


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