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    "The Centaur Werewolf Symbiote Warrior". Marcus is the strongest monster under Dracula's command; he was born a Centaur, bitten by a werewolf, and bound to an alien symbiote.

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    Marcus is a Centaur warrior who was bitten by a werewolf and then bound to an alien symbiote, culminating in him gaining their myriad of abilities. He became enlisted in the service of Dracula as his "Secret Weapon" and has been described as "a perfect soldier with no weaknesses" - although he is diabetic.


    Marcus was created writer Gerry Duggan and artist Reilly Brown. He first appeared in 2014's Marvel Digital Motion Comic Deadpool: The Gauntlet #8.

    Major Story Arcs

    Deadpool: The Gauntlet

    Growing increasingly tired of Deadpool's tardiness in delivering him his bride, Shiklah, Dracula enlists his "Frightful Four" of Frankenstein's Monster, the Living Mummy, Xzax the Brood mercenary, and Marcus to track them both down, kill Deadpool, and retrieve Shiklah.

    When Cometh the Frightful Four

    When Deadpool and Shiklah are strolling through New York City, they're suddenly attacked by vampires wearing colorful mascot costumes in order to protect themselves from the sun. Deadpool and Shiklah fight them off, but eventually are forced to retreat inside a church, it being hallowed ground and therefore unable to be entered by the vampires. The vampires soon retreat when Dracula's Frightful Four arrive. Deadpool gives them the option to leave in peace, but they ignore it, and so he busts out of the church through a stained glass window to land on the ground behind them. Marcus and his comrades question why Deadpool destroyed a piece of art to exit the church when he could've simply used the door, at which point the door explodes and Deadpool reveals he covered it in C-4.

    Recovering from the explosion, Marcus and the Frightful Four attack. Deadpool holds his own for a while, and even when the Mummy changes Deadpool's gun into a snake he simply attempts to strangle Marcus with it. Marcus then throws him towards Frankenstein's Monster however, who uses a motorcycle as a bat to whack Deadpool straight into a window. Now pissed off, Deadpool gets up from the shattered glass and immediately gets back into the fight.

    Deadpool keeps managing to get the upper hand over his opponents. Even when the Mummy blasts him with an "instant death" beam and sends him flying into a hotdog cart, Deadpool simply springs up and uses the cart's propane tank to set the Mummy's wrappings on fire.

    As Marcus is about to charge Deadpool, he hears the clock strike midnight and requests Deadpool allow him to balance his blood sugar. Not wanting to kill a woozy opponent, Deadpool gives Marcus the moment he needs, while he himself Tweets about the break he's taking from the fight. They then resume fighting and Deadpool asks Marcus if he fears the long term effects of his diabetes, to which Marcus confesses that he does worry about losing his hooves to the disease. Deadpool then immediately cuts off his hooves and lets Marcus fall into a section of wet cement. He then hijacks a steamroller and runs Marcus over, presumably killing him.

    Powers & Abilities

    Marcus was born as a Centaur which means that he already had superhuman stats which got boosted by him gaining werewolf powers and then being bound to an alien symbiote. His Centaur legs allow him to run fast, as well as give him hooves that can kick and trample enemies with great force. His werewolf form enhances his strength, speed, agility, and senses while also granting him claws to shred his opponents with. The symbiote he has been bonded with can form into blades, spikes, prehensile tentacles, and further boosts his strength, speed, and agility. He is also an accomplished swordsman.


    Height: 8,6

    Weight: 1100 lbs.


    Marcus is diabetic; it's unknown why Marcus' werewolf healing abilities haven't countered this disease. He presumably also has a werewolf's weakness to silver and his symbiote is most likely vulnerable to both sonic weaponry and fire.


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