Marcus Roston

    Character » Marcus Roston appears in 25 issues.

    Marcus Roston is a Hollywood star living in LA who has connections to the underground.

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    Marcus was a member of The Pride, but was kicked out because he was insane. The final straw was when he threatened to kill Chase Stein. The Pride banished him to Europe, but once the Pride was killed Marcus returned to L.A., and posed as a movie star.

    Major Story Arcs

    Daken:Dark Wolverine

    Big Break- When Daken first came to Hollywood, he decided to try to make a name for himself right away, and what better way then crashing a A-list party, and the number one A-Lister was Marcus Roston. It was at Marcus's party that Daken first tasted Heat, and first felt its effects on his healing factor. The next morning when Daken became conscious, he first meet Marcus face to face, and after killing Marcus's two body guards Daken and Marcus had sex. The next day Marcus tried to show Daken his latest blockbuster trailer but Daken was bored and more interested in where Marcus got the Heat. After being threaten Marcus gave up his supplier and Daken left.

    Moonwalk- Daken is told that Marcus is killed by the Claw Killer, although this was a lie. And Moon knight learns that Marcus is the killer and has been dosing all his victims with Heat before killing them and making it look like Daken had done it. At this point he as also gotten Agent Donna Kiel hooked on Heat.

    Pride comes...-Marcus has Agent Kiel under his control and uses her to call in an all out strike on Daken, then sends her home promising only if she fallows all of his direction will she get any more Heat. He then reveals that he has the ability to shape shift and Agent Kiel realizes that it was Marcus disguised as Daken that attacked her earlier. Marcus then, still disguised as Daken, kills the rest of LA's crime bosses, he then reveals to Daken that he was once part of the Pride. He then uses his super speed and strength to beat Daken up. And once the LAPD show up Marcus show that he can go invisible too, and leaves Daken to be chased by the LAPD.

    After Daken gets away Marcus becomes bored pretending to be normal and storms off his movie set and flies around La. He then blows up the L.A.P.D. Administration building because he could. There is where the Runaways, who have learned that the parents banished Marcus from L.A. because he was crazy, attack Marcus. Marcus appears to be winning until Agent Kiel shows up with a helicopter and crashes it into him. He is pinned under it when Daken comes to kill him, but instead he just points out that Marcus had been beaten by a drug addict, and a bunch of kids.


    Super Strength, and speed. Shape changing. Invisibility, Flight. Limited telepathic.


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