Marcus Kang

    Character » Marcus Kang appears in 42 issues.

    Marcus Kang is the son of the time-travelling world conqueror known as Kang.

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    For the original Scarlet Centurion: see Kang.


    Marcus Kang was the 23rd in the long line of sons conceived throughout time by Kang the Conqueror and various women. Each child was born and named Marcus Kang with the hope that he could be the heir to Kang. Kang wound up killing the first 22 Marcus Kangs, deeming them unworthy, however Marcus Kang XXIII was the first to show potential to be a suitable successor. After training under his father for years, Marcus adopted the Scarlet Centurion identity, a guise formerly used by his father.


    Marcus Kang was created by Kurt Busiek and Alan Davis and first appeared in Avengers #38.

    Powers and Abilities

    Marcus Kang trained under Kang and was adept at unarmed combat. He used a energy staff and had access to many of his father's time travelling gadgets.


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