Marcus Glove

    Character » Marcus Glove appears in 14 issues.

    The founder of Darwin's Martyrs, a scientific organization working against mutants.

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    Marcus Glove lost his leg and wife in a mutant attack in New York City, then his eye and arm in a mutant attack in Alaska. On the day of the death of Charles Xavier following Avengers vs X-Men, he was burnt alive by the Phoenix Force. Using the slogan "Something has to be done," he created Darwin's Martyrs, an organization set out to solve the problem of mutants in the Marvel Universe.


    Marcus Glove was created by X-Men Legacy writer Simon Spurrier and artist Paul Davidson.

    X-Men Legacy

    Marcus Glove was introduced as a character when Legion, the son of the late Charles Xavier, traveled to his organization in order to remove his mutant abilities after being given a vision of himself destroying the world in the near future.

    During his time with the organization, Legion discovers that all is not as it seems, and that Marcus Glove and all the injured patients in his care are all actually comatose, and being controlled by the Red Skull.


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