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Like his older brother Urik Antares, Marcus was a gifted telekinetic of great strength. Unlike his brother and everyone he knew, Marcus could also see the ghosts of those who had passed.

While in the Military Academy, Marcus met and fell passionately in love with Maya Antares nee' Vlasova, eventually marrying her. Together, they served under Urik on board the R.S.S. Konstantinov; Maya as a warkaster and Marcus in command of a infantry platoon. Marcus' platoon was wiped out in the Battle of Kar Dathra's Gate and Marcus was believed to be dead.

However, he was instead rescued by the mysterious Red Woman, who began training him to battle in the Spirit Realm to free the soul of the ancestors imprisoned there to power the magics and "protocols" of the living world. Nine years after his supposed death, Marcus and the Red Woman are making their way towards the Archangel soul prison as his wife and brother race the R.S.S. Konstantinov to catch up with them.


Marcus Antares is a gifted and powerful telekinetic who is also able to perceive and communicate with ghosts and spirits.


Marcus is highly skilled at hand to hand and weapons combat, especially with the infantry "hook", a multipurpose weapon used for telekinetic combat.


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