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Marc manages to escape Black Cat and some FBI Agents who had been at his party. He and Frenchie leave in the Mooncopter and Black Cat hooks a line onto them. They catch Midnight on the Queensboro Bridge, but when Moon Knight jumps down onto his car, they careen off the bridge into the East River. Frenchie drops a ladder for Marc, but they lose Midnight. Black Cat is left on the bridge, pining for Moon Knight. Marc and Frenchie return home and Marlene greets them. She notices one of Felica's white hairs on Marc and storms off yet again. Marc is getting a drink from the fridge when Midnight appears. The two fight and Marc manages to knock him out. When he comes to, he explains that he is Midnight Man's son, Jeff Wilde, and that he did all this to prove he's got the skills to be Moon Knight's partner. Marc just tells him to go home. Elsewhere, a strange-looking and smelly man is catching a subways train. He travels downtown and gets in a scuffle with a group of drug dealers, and despite being shot several times, manages to kill their leader.

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