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An Acts of Vengeance crossover! Killer Shrike is coming for Spector’s blood…and all of Moon Knight’s gadgets can’t save him! Will Frenchie be able to pull off a desperate rescue of MK?

A college student, Lula, jumps from the top of a building, wanting to kill herself, but is caught in mid-fall by Moon Knight. He takes her with him so that he can keep an eye on her. He sees a building on fire and gets Frenchie to drop them there. He saves a mother and child from a fire escape and Lula witnesses this. Twenty blocks north, Killer Shrike is attacking some police. Ringer shows up and they both fly off, looking for superheroes to fight. On the way they find Couchwhip and she tags along with them. They come across Moon Knight and get in a fight with him. Frenchie tries to help by taking out Skrike, but he ends up shooting the Mooncopter down. Moon Knight gets angry and takes out Ringer and Couchwhip, but Shrike is out of his league. Luckily, Ringer tries to catch him with his rings but misses and snares Shrike instead. Shrike flies away, but Coachwhip comes to and before she can attack, Lula shoots a fire hose at her, shorting her out. Moon Knight runs to Frenchie's aid. Paramedics arrive on the scene, but they announce they are losing him.



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AF Reviews: Acts of VengeanceTrouble Times 3 by Chuck Dixon and Sal Velluto is Moon Knight's 3rd and final tie-in to Marvel's Acts of Vengeance crossover and has Moon Knight going up against Coachwhip, Killer Shrike and Ringer. Yeah, big name villains for the big name hero, eh?The issue starts with a typical, yet bizarre for Moon Knight, plot dynamic of Moon Knight saving a suicidal girl and then letting her tag alone with him on his night fighting crime so she can see that there are worse thing...

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