Marc Silvestri

    Person » Marc Silvestri is credited in 1149 issues.

    Comic book creator and artist who founded Top Cow Productions, a division of the Image Comics publishing company.

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    Marc Silvestri was born in Palm Springs, Florida, Silvestri's popularity as an artist boomed during his run penciling Marvel's " Uncanny X-Men" and later " Wolverine" from 1987-1992. He then left Marvel to co-found Image Comics with six other well-known artists at the time- Jim Lee, Rob Liefeld, Erik Larsen, Whilce Portacio, Jim Valentino, and Todd McFarlane.

    Under his company, Top Cow, he co-created and released the hugely successful titles " Cyberforce" (Originally Homage Studios), " Witchblade" and " The Darkness". He has since done work on Marvel's " X-Men" and " X-Men: Deadly Genesis". Many of his stories were scripted by his brother, Eric.

    Throughout his career, Marc Silvestri has collaborated with top industry writers such as Chris Claremont, Ed Brubaker, Larry Hama, and Grant Morrison.


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