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Confronted by a Judge
Confronted by a Judge

Danny Falcone was a cadet at the Mega-City One Academy of Law, training to become a Judge, however, he was kicked out due to his violent tendencies. At some point after getting kicked out of the Academy, he gained a suit known as Hellbender Armour, "banned for use on Earth". The suit is loaded with weapons and defensive systems which turn him into a one-man army. He began a solo crusade on the criminal empire of Vic Burnett, attacking small gangs that Burnett makes his money from, such as the Katana Boys in Chi-Town, and people higher up the food chain such as Johnny Kleevax, Burnett's "man" in Ape City. Even the corrupt judges of Sector 13, where Burnett's criminal empire started out and is its strongest are not out of the Marauder's reach, as shown when he beats a Judge and sprays the word "PERP" on his badge.

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