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    The warrior-mage Lukasz was reincarnated as a woman, much to his chagrin. He learns to accept his new fate over time, and continues to fight ancient evil.

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    Lukasz’s story begins in the year 451 A.D., when he was called into the service of the wizard Arch-Mage against the evil wizard, Boneyard. Their differences would cause a centuries-long conflict between the two wizards. This battle continued on for some time, but apparently came to a head in the year 451 AD during the bloody Battle of Châlons, where Attila the Hun invaded Gaul in alliance with Gaiseric, king of the Vandals. He was opposed by the Roman general Flavius Aetius, who had allied himself with Theodoric, the king of the Visigoths. Confronted with superior numbers, Attila resorted to sorcery, and allied himself with Boneyard. Impersonating Theodoric's son, Boneyard killed Theodoric using the Sword of Fangs. It was during this battle that Archimage apparently took up arms against his brother and enlisted Lukasz and other knights into his service. For over 1500 years, the "Twelve Knights of Archimage" battled against Boneyard and his men. Each side suffered losses, but the magic of the two wizards continually restored their charges to life when they were killed.

    Boneyard's men were simply restored to life; Archimage's forces were reincarnated into different bodies, "displacing" the soul of the new host. Perhaps as a further indicator of the differing philosophies of the two wizards, Archimage armed his forces with technology, whereas Boneyard's men favored sorcerous weaponry. A balance of power was struck, with neither side able to gain supremacy over the other. As a result, this conflict might have continued on for centuries longer, except for the betrayal of Archimage by one of his trusted knights, Thanasi. Thanasi found out Archimage's true name, his word of power. Thanasi told this name to Boneyard, in exchange for the ability to take over whatever host body he wished. Using this information, Boneyard easily defeated Archimage, and decimated his forces.

    In a final desperate attempt to thwart Boneyard, Archimage cast Lukasz into a woman's body to strengthen his magical ability, and provided him with mystic artifacts which could be used to enhance those talents. That body belonged to Eden Blake, an attractive divorcee and mother of two young children. To put it mildly, Lukasz was not at all happy with this arrangement. Because Lukasz lacked armor for a woman's body, Ultraforce's Topaz gave Mantra some armor.

    Story Arcs

    Now trapped in the body of Eden Blake, Lukasz must master the new magic inherent in his/her form. She can also gain mystical armor and her Sword of Fangs by saying, "Mantra Change, Growth, Power". Mantra would become her Ultraheroine name.

    After Marvel bought Malibu and imposed Black September on the Ultraverse, Mantra's powers and title passed to Eden's babysitter, Lauren Sherwood.

    Vital statistics

    Name: Mantra

    Real Name: Lukasz / Eden Blake

    Height: 5' 9"

    Weight: 130 lbs.

    Eyes: Cobalt Blue

    Hair: Black

    DOB: Unknown (Lukasz); August 31 (Eden) (Yes, she's a Virgo. )

    Age: ~1500 (Lukasz); 33 (Eden)

    Occupation: Agent for Aladdin

    Base of Operations: San Francisco, CA (was Canoga Park, CA)

    Marital Status: Widower (Lukasz); Divorced (Eden)

    Known Relatives (Lukasz): Marinna (Wife, Deceased)

    Known Relatives (Eden): Gus Blake, Sr. (Ex-husband); Barbara Freeman (Mother); Gus Blake, Jr. (Son); Evie Blake (Daughter)


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