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Current Events

Mantis Morlo has not been seen in several years.


Mantis Morlo attended Metropolis University in hopes to become the worlds greatest biochemist. After he graduated, he put his life saving into his laboratory the was located on a lunar complex. He started running illegal experiments on humans when the Legion of Super-Heroes shut down his experiments and his lab. However, his experiments left no human harmed so the legal system of the 31st century had no option but to give him a minimum sentence. When he was done with his sentence, he established a new lab. This time on a satellite and started making plans to get revenge on the Legion of Super-Heroes.


Mantis Morlo was created by writer Jim Shooter and penciler Pete Costanza.

Character Evolution

Mantis Morlo has not been featured in many comics. Therefore, the character has had little to no evolution.


  • Genius: Mantis is a genius in biochemistry and has a very high intellect.
  • Chemoids: Mantis has created androids out of unstable molecules. This gives them the ability to alter themselves to be a perfect opposition to any necessary.

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