Manowar, The White Streak

    Character » Manowar, The White Streak appears in 20 issues.

    For an android built for peace he killed an awful lot of people!

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    Manowar, the White Streak, was an android created by the lost civilization of Utopia. Intended to fight warmongers, when Utopia was destroyed in a war, as a last resort they he sealed him in a hill that was then sunk in an volcano (huh?) so he could be revived when war was once again a threat to the world and he could, we are to suppose, rise be as ineffective against the new threat as he was against the one that did in Utopia.

    On being revived by a professor Simms Manowar heads to America, a country where he finds ample supplies of warmongers to threaten it, and for him to thrash them in return.

    The White Streak is super strong, invulnerable, and can shoot “slashing electrons” out of his eyes which he can use to either shock people, or tear things to pieces. Later he also gains the ability to make things such as barriers and restraints with his eye electrons, as well as shoot them out of his hands.

    At first very robotic looking, Manowar soon gets plastic surgery to look more humanlike, joins the FBI, and takes the name of Dan Sanders.

    When he goes into battle however he dons a mask so he looks like his old Utopian android self. He also gains a sidekick with no superpowers called the Red Seal.     


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