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During Operation: Zero Tolerance, Bastion held the Nina captive in his Hulkbuster base - which is how she met Professor X.  
Later, the Mannites found themselves stalked by an incarnation of Apocalypse's horseman Death (Wolverine). When the X-Men proved unable to hold Death at bay, Nina teleported all of the Mannites into thin air - leaving no trace of their whereabouts.
At a certain age each Mannite undergoes a chrysalis in which their powers are greatly enhanced. Due to the intense energies require to undergo the metamorphosis, the chrysalis stage can be deadly for bystanders. 
Named Mannites include: 

  • Nina 
  • Glub 
  • Totem 
  • Beautiful Dreamer 
  • Grace 
  • Headcase 
  • Darco

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