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    Robot secret agent.

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    Robot secret agent from Eagle. His first six stories were photo strips, but switched to fully illustrated when the comic changed format from issue 79.

    Manix story index


    • The Defector (issues: 24-31) (8 episodes)
    • Project Waldo (issues: 41-46) (6 episodes)
    • Rogue Robot (issues: 47-52) (6 episodes)
    • The Hostage (issues: 53-56) (4 episodes)
    • S.M.O.G. over Britain (issues: 57-64) (8 episodes)
    • Meet the Uglies (issues: 68-77) (10 episodes)
    • The Hitler File (issues: 79-88) (10 episodes) (first illustrated story)
    • Project Sicilian (issues: 89-94) (6 episodes)
    • Peril of the Deep (issues: 95-99) (5 episodes)
    • In Enemy Hands (issues: 100-108) (9 episodes)
    • Operation Rats' Nest (issues: 109-115) (7 epsiodes)
    • Oracle Quest (issues: 124-129) (6 episodes)
    • Alias Smithson Johns (issues: 130-137) (8 episodes)

    Eagle Holiday Special:

    • Untitled story (illustrated by Geoff Senior) (Eagle Holiday Special 1984)
    • Robot Battle (text story) (Eagle Holiday Special 1985)
    • Untitled story (illustrated by Geoff Senior) (Eagle Holiday Special 1990)

    Best of Eagle:

    • Issues 3-5 (reprinted stories from issue 79 to 115)

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