Manitou Raven

    Character » Manitou Raven appears in 73 issues.

    Powerful Magic User from the Obsidian Age of Atlantis

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    Manitou Raven and his wife Dawn were first introduced in " Justice League: The Obsidian Age".

    When the Justice League travels back in time to try and find out what happened to Atlantis, they run into super-powered beings who defeat them. Manitou Raven makes a deal with Green Lantern, before killing him, that will save the Justice League. Manitou uses one of his tools on the dead bodies of the Justice League to see if they are good people. The bodies pass the tests. With Green Lantern's heart, Manitou Raven is able to resurrect the Justice League and defeat the corrupt rulers of ancient Altantis. Manitou Raven and his wife Dawn decides to travel to the future with the Justice League. Manitou Raven then joins the Justice League and later the Justice League Elite.

    Manitou began giving all of his time to his work, and neglected Dawn. In order to try and make him jealous so that Manitou will want her back, Dawn began to have an affair with Green Arrow (Oliver Queen). Green Arrow was also on both teams. Manitou Raven eventually found out about the affair between the two but decided not to act. Before he left on a mission, he told Dawn that he loves her. On the mission, Green Arrow is struck out of the ship and Manitou Raven saves him with his hatchet. While Green Arrow was climbing back up, the hatchet cut his chest which showed that he was not an honest man. Manitou Raven sacrificed his life in order to save his colleagues. His spirit then traveled on to help Major Disaster with his drinking problem. Dawn was given his possessions and inherited his title and became Manitou Dawn.


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