Manitou Dawn

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    Powerful Magic User; inheriter of the mantle of Manitou Raven

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    The earliest we know of Manitou Dawn is the fact that she was raped by one of her tribe's elders. This lead her to being called the kicking goat and being unclean. Manitou Raven fell in love with Dawn when she burnt his house down. Manitou Raven, who until then was a villain, decided to marry her.

    After the Justice League travelled through time to the Obsidian Age of Atlantis, Dawn was brought into the team with Raven. Unlike Manitou Raven, Dawn actually wanted to learn the English language and was tutored by Firestorm. Things got bumpy and the couple left, joining the Justice League Elite. Manitou Raven began to ignore Dawn and spent all of his time focusing on his work. Annoyed, Dawn began to have an affair with Green Arrow while Raven was on a mission. On a later mission, Raven would die saving Green Arrow's life. After his death, Dawn kept his mystical items with her, one of which was a staff.

    One day, still in mourning and filled with grief and ager, Dawn was holding the mystical staff and shouted out Raven's magic phrase "Inukchuk!", which Raven would use whenever he would cast a spell. Upon uttering the word, Dawn was visited by the spirit of Manitou Raven who, comforting her, touched her face with a spectral hand and passed his powers on to her. Dawn now has a permanent blue mark on her face from her contact with Raven's spirit.

    Dawn was later seen in "A World Without a Justice League" as she moved to free the Key from the prison in which he was suffering.

    In Rebirth, Dawn appears as a Witch-Marked, one of the women unknowingly marked by the goddess Hecate with a portion of her power. Hecate uses the Witch Mark to possess Dawn and attacks Nanda Parbat, but Zatanna Zatara and John Constantine exorcise Hecate from Dawn's body before Nanda Parbat is destroyed.


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