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Marvel NOW Avengers
Marvel NOW Avengers

When Marvel released the 3 covers to the new Hickman Avengers series, everyone could probably recognise all the characters except for two. The guy in shadows at the back in issue #1 and the 'human torch' looking fella in issue #2. Hickman quickly confirmed that the 'Human Torch' was actually X-Man Sunspot.

Well today on Formspring Hickman confirmed that the shadowed character on the cover to Avengers #1 is Eden Fesi from Secret Warriors, who Hickman co-created, under the new superhero name of "Manifold."

Fesi is a teleporter (Something that always comes in handy) and arguably the most obscure and surprising reveal (so far).

What does everybody think?

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While browsing Dustin Weaver's website I saw him mention that Eden was the character in the shadows on the Marvel NOW Avengers cover. Knowing nothing of him as I have not read Secret Warriors I checked him out here to get the low down. I find the character very interesting and can't wait to see how he fits into the Avengers team dynamic. Besides adding some much needed diversity to the team, it will be nice to see someone new amongst their ranks. I may even download some of his appearances to better check him out.

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Can't wait to read the first issue.

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Sunspot? that's out of the ballpark

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Eden is cool, I loved him in Secret Warriors

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