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    A mutant of Australian aboriginal descent with the ability to bend reality and twist space-time for teleportation.

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    Next to nothing is known of his childhood except he was an aboriginal familiar with the mutant Gateway, a frequent ally of the X-men. When his powers manifested, he was sent to learn the proper use and application of them from Gateway.


    Manifold was created by writers Brian Michael Bendis and Jonathan Hickman and artist Stefano Caselli. He first appeared in Secret Warriors #4.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Secret Warriors

    As time passed, Eden began to yearn for a greater importance and purpose for his new found abilities. An opportunity arose when Gateway informed him that a team of secret warriors, working for Nick Fury, would be coming to recruit him. However, Gateway flat out denied him the right to leave, much to his dismay.

    Eden later accompanied Gateway in rescuing some of the secret warriors who had come to recruit him. And after doing so, Gateway allowed him to partner with them, knowing that he would be protected.


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    After returning to Australia, due to Gateway's death, Eden was recruited Steve Rogers and Tony Stark to join a global expansion sect of the Avengers. He operates as the Avenger's main source of travel, having to teleport large parts of the team from country to country or planet to planet.

    Secret Wars

    The end of everything, the final incursion begins. Eden is essential to The Illuminati evacuation plan to ensure some remnant of humanity survives. Manifold channeled his powers through a machine that would help the Illuminati find the survivors that they "needed". Manifold succeeded in summoning all those needed, but burned himself out in the process, leading to his death. When the Multiverse was recreated Manifold was restored back to life not remembering his sacrifice.


    Manifold was recently recruited by S.W.O.R.D., along with many other mutants with similar powers to a sub division called the SIX. Working in conjunction with the SIX Manifold is able to overcome his limits of only using his power his native universe. With the power of the Six, S.W.O.R.D. was able to cross over the Far Shore to get to the White-Hot Room, where they harnessed mysterium for mutantkind.

    Powers and Abilities

    Closing a portal
    Closing a portal

    Manifold is an accomplished hunter and tracker, able to survive in the wilderness of Australia unaided. He is also skilled with weapons such as; the spear and bow & arrow.

    Space Communication: While originally thought to be an teleporter, Eden in fact is an universal shaper; he can directly communicate with the universe itself and ask it for that he wants. The universe (typically represented in the form of Captain Universe) then would adjust and mold in a way needed to accomplish his request.

    • Positional Awareness: Eden needs to know his point of origin before activating his powers. If he gets lost or turned around inside a windowless structure, he needs to find a reference point, such as the sky and horizon, to re-calibrate his internal senses before teleporting. Eden seems to instinctively know his exact position in space, he can tell his location just by watching the stars.
    • Spatial Manipulation: By speaking to the universe Eden can manipulate space in various ways. He was able to bring and hold a plasma from the sun in his hands without it hurting himself or the environment. He can lock the space around other beings not allowing them to move.
      • Teleportation: He can ask the universe to fold itself in a way that he would be able to reach from one point to another with a single step. To him, the distance between two points doesn't matter, he only needs to know his starting and end points. Eden can summon things/people from another place to him without teleporting himself.
      • Portal Creation: Eden can directly connect two places via portals of various size, small enough to observe that is happening on the other side without being noticed to large enough for a spaceship to pass through. He determines that can pass through his portals and for how long they stays open.
      • Invisibility: He can bend the space around the area he occupies so light would not touch him.

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