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Next to nothing is known of his childhood except he was an aboriginal familiar with the mutant Gateway, a frequent ally of the X-men. When his powers manifested, he was sent to learn the proper use and application of them from Gateway.


Manifold was created by writers Brian Michael Bendis and Jonathan Hickman and artist Stefano Caselli. He first appeared in Secret Warriors #4.

Mayor Story Arcs

Secret Warriors

As time pasted, Eden began to yearn for a greater importance and purpose for his new found abilities. An opportunity arose when Gateway informed him that a team of secrete warriors, working for Nick Fury, would be coming to recruit him. However, Gateway flat out denied him the right to leave, much to his dismay.

Eden later accompanied Gateway in rescuing some of the secret warriors who had come to recruit him. And after doing so, Gateway allowed him to partner with them, knowing that he would be protected.


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After returning to Australia, due to Gateway's death, Eden was recruited Steve Rogers and Tony Stark to join a global expansion sect of the Avengers. He operates as the Avenger's main source of travel, having to teleport large parts of the team from country to country or planet to planet.

Powers and Abilities

Closing a portal
Closing a portal

Manifold is an accomplished hunter and tracker, able to survive in the wilderness of Australia unaided. He is also skilled with weapons such as; the spear and bow & arrow. Using his hands, he can mold reality to tear open space and time, connecting one place to another, thus allowing him to teleport to just about anywhere.

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