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    The Venom Clone was genetically engineered to wipe out humanity by a mutant strain of a nano-technological alien race. It bonded with a U.S. Army communications specialist Patricia Robertson and went on to find Eddie Brock to try to wipe out humanity

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    The Symbiote Clone started out as a piece of Venom, during one of Eddie Brock’s many fights with Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four join in. The Thing tries to tackle Eddie but Eddie forces Venom’s tongue down Thing’s throat before it is severed by the Human Torch and Eddies is defeated by the rest of the team. The Thing spits up the rest of the tongue and throws it in the alley. It is found by a man working in a nearby building and brings the tongue home so he and his wife can sell it on the internet to get rich quick. As soon as he posts the auction, the power to the neighborhood is cut and Frankie and Vic break into the man’s apartment and steal the tongue; through several more teams of Frankie and Vic, the tongue makes its way to Mesa Verde, New Mexico where it is turned into the Symbiote Clone. Once it is fully created Frankie and Vic run multiple tests on it when Bob arrives and has them test two subjects at a time. During the test the Symbiote Clone is temporarily held off by a young gang member but the Symbiote Clone use the other man, an old man, to kill them both. Bob pronounces it ready where it is then given to Perry and the rest of the arctic research team.

    At the arctic research base, the scientists are preforming tests and growing frustrated because there is not enough data and they are not allowed to have any tissue samples. When they voice their complaints to Bob, he releases the Symbiote Clone and it proceeds to kill all of the members of the research team. After killing about half, the remaining members run to the kitchen and consider hiding in the air-tight cooler because the Symbiote Clone won’t be able to get in and it might starve to death before they run out of air. As they argue Perry runs in and locks the door and moments later the Symbiote Clone slaughters the remaining members. The Symbiote Clone goes back inside and taunts Perry through the cooler door for four days when Patricia Robertson arrives and the Symbiote Clone imitates the voice of a wounded scientist and draws her in.


    The Venom Clone first appears to the Arctic Communications team when it sets a trap to kill them all and ambushes Patricia Robertson, Daniel Jackson and Perry the research scientist. They are saved by intervention from the Suit who starts to fight it but it shows its host to be Colonel Malone, Robertson’s and Jackson’s commanding officer. When the Suit is shot by Jackson who thought that he was attacking Malone, the Symbiote Clone escapes through a hole in the roof. The Symbiote Clone escapes to the trucks the team has and tries to drive towards civilization but is stopped by the suit. It leaves Malone’s body and hides in the truck and ambushes the Suit as he investigates Malone’s body. The Symbiote Clone tries to use the Suit as a host but only mangles the body and temporarily disables it before it goes after the others. When Patricia Robertson awakens from being knocked out by the Suit she is tied up with Jackson in a closet. The Symbiote Clone then reveals that it is using Jackson as a host and tells Patricia to run and it will give her a head start but trips her and prepares to eat her. However she is saved by another member of the team, Delacroix, who threatens to shoot the Symbiote Clone; when the Clone reveals its host is Jackson, Delacroix hesitates and the Symbiote Clone attacks him and starts to feed, telling Patricia to run because she is next. The Symbiote Clone sneaks up behind Patricia and taunts her in response, she shoots it in the chest with a grenade from an under barrel attachment but it fails to detonate on contact with the Symbiote Clone’s soft body and is absorbed before falling back out and exploding, forcing the Symbiote Clone to abandon Delacroix’s body, killing him. The Symbiote Clone next appears trying to convince Patricia to attack and kill the Suit for blowing up the trucks that might save them as it is in the human form of the research scientist Perry. Perry’s body proves very insufficient for survival and it quickly dies, forcing the Symbiote Clone to try and take Patricia’s body but has to fight the Suit first. It manages to disable the Suit again and it chases after Patricia who trips. The Symbiote Clone lunges at her and she closes her eyes and fires her pistol but the Symbiote Clone uses this as a distraction and attacks the bases sled dog team and uses one to escape the base and head towards civilization.


    After Leaving the sled dog, Ivan, the Symbiote Clone jumps to a bird and flies to Voici, Northwest Territories, Canada. Where it kills a room full of men playing poker before using a late member as a host; it travels into the town proper and stops at Nan’s Diner and kills several Patrons before Frankie and Vic show up and kill the townspeople so they can’t be used as hosts. When Wolverine intervenes the Symbiote Clone attacks, during the fight Wolverine is able to damage the Clone with his adamantium claws but the Symbiote Clone regenerates and gains the upper hand by taunting Wolverine and nearly uses him as a host but Wolverine breaks free and they continue. During a brief pause in the fight The Symbiote Clone tells Wolverine that it wants him as a host because Wolverines healing factor means he will never be hungry again. It lunges for Wolverine but the Suit shows up and uses an energy weapon to burn all of the flesh from Wolverine’s bones, rendering him useless to the Symbiote Clone. Before the Suit can eliminate the Symbiote Clone, Vic shows up and stops him, begging the Symbiote Clone to use her as the host but the Suit tells it that she is a trap and is wearing a collar to control it, a wounded citizen staggers out of the diner and asks to leave and promising never to tell. Vic shoots at the man but the Symbiote Clone catches the bullet and uses the man as a host and runs from the fight between Vic and the Suit. Just before Vic and Frankie drop an atomic bomb on the city, the Symbiote Clone abandons it human host and uses a swarm of cockroaches to survive the bomb and form a massive attack that kills Frankie. Using the cockroaches, the Symbiote Clone ambushes Wolverine and is able to overpower him and take him as a host. It travels to Frankie and Vic’s ship and slices its way inside with its new adamantium claws, slicing through the suit as well. The Symbiote Clone attacks Patricia again but is interrupted by a new team of Frankie and Vic. Whom it promptly attacks, it is able to stab and kill Frankie before returning to Patricia and the Suit. When it attacks Patricia uses the Suits cell phone to detonate a bomb that the Suit placed in Wolverine’s chest just after the atomic attack. The bomb separates The Symbiote Clone from Wolverine, knocking Wolverine out and dissipating the Symbiote Clone however it uses Patricia as a host. Patricia is wearing a control collar and is in complete control over it as long as the collar is active so she goes to New York City.


    When Patricia arrives in New York City, she is still in control of the Symbiote Clone and is adept at using its abilities like wall crawling and transforming into Symbiote form at will. S.H.I.E.L.D. stages a raid on Eddie Brock’s apartment and Patricia gets too close so when Spider-Man arrives he believes that she and the Symbiote Clone are Eddie and Venom. Patricia and Eddie proceed to fight through the streets and alleys when the control collar is deactivated by Bob, when Nick Fury attacks Eddie, Patricia runs trying to maintain control of the Symbiote Clone and she asks Spider-Man to help kill “it” referring to the Symbiote Clone but he thinks she wants to kill Eddie and won’t help when he is attacked by Venom and Eddie and Patricia continue to fight. They wind up in the sewers and Eddie tries to absorb the Symbiote Clone but is stopped by the Suit. The Suit rescues Patricia but since the Control Collar is deactivated she is slowly turning into the Symbiote Clone form (e.g. her teeth get sharper, her eyes turn white, her hands turn into claws, and her skin turns black). Frankie arrives and offers a deal to turn the collar back on if Patricia and the Suit help her take down Bob. Just before the Symbiote Clone takes control the collar is reactivated and Patricia passes out from exhaustion. When Patricia awakens she and the Symbiote Clone are partially separated and in the custody of the Fantastic Four, she is then placed in a sensory-deprivation-type room to help control the Symbiote Clone, she is released by Bob, disguised as the Suit, and goes to the site of Spider-Man, The Thing, and the Invisible Woman are fighting Venom and the Suit. When Patricia arrives, her control collar is deactivated and the Symbiote Clone gains full control. The Symbiote Clone fuses with the original Venom and returns to Eddie brock who promptly leaves, leaving the fate of the Symbiote Clone ultimately unknown.



    When Venom received the Hell mark, he moved the mark to the clone, and when opportunity arose it expelled the clone with the mark to young girl named Andrea Benton. Together they took on a name Mania.


    The Symbiote Clone differed from Venom in several ways personality wise. Venom was a fully sentient being who had a distinct personality from its host and could talk to them and referred to themselves as “we”. The Symbiote Clone on the other hand did none of this. It could be called semi-sentient because it was able to think and speak on its own but always called itself “I”. It would taunt prey and dominate the mind of any host that did not have a control collar, mind domination and possession could be avoided if the potential host was not afraid and actively fought back. It is also very sadistic, multiple times it would tell a victim to run only to trip the victim and consume it. When it claimed a host it would slowly consume it which caused it to need to switch hosts every so often. Despite its capability of advanced thought, it was equally animalistic and would mindlessly attack a target.

    Its primary purpose was the eradication of all life on earth by recombining with the original Venom; it was never known how it would accomplish it but when it happened Bob, the being who created the Symbiote Clone, said all they needed to do was wait.


    The Symbiote Clone had most of the abilities of Venom including enhanced durability, wall crawling, super strength, and genetic memory. Its genetic memory worked slightly differently, Venom gained the memories of his hosts through his possession of them; the Symbiote Clone could gain the memories of anyone it touched as demonstrated when it attacked the gang member and the old man in a lab test, it could also not gain the memories or at least ignore them. It could survive an atomic attack it possessed a host that could survive the initial blast, radiation does not seem to affect it. It also had the ability to take more than one host at a time, it took two for a small period of time when it attacked the scientists at the arctic research base and it took over a whole swarm of cockroaches and controlled them all to attack and kill Frankie. It could also create tentacles that it could use as blunt force objects or manipulate the environment; it could move the tentacles so fast that it could catch bullets out of the air. The Symbiote Clone also appeared to have a healing factor as it was blown up several times but survived and acquired a new host. It never demonstrated a danger sense.


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